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Our $5 + 1 Community Campaign

WEAVE believes in the power of the performing arts
to dispel our inherited narrative of
racial, ethnic, and gender hierarchy.
To  repair the legacy of  systemic, institutional,
and individual injustice,

we center the voices of 
Women, Indigenous, Immigrant, Queer,
Black and Brown artists
on our stages,

and we invite audiences to acknowledge
and celebrate the myriad roots of American culture. 


In order to sustain our mission we must exponentially expand our reach. 

Year 1:  500 donors
In our first year, we want to gather a strong foundation of 500 donors to support social and cultural diversity through the arts.


Beyond:  10,000 households

The magnitude of our mission can only truly be matched by an equally ambitious goal. Help us reach our vision of 100% community participation.


In recent times, we have come to understand the importance of creating spaces that are accessible and welcoming to all.


that an artist-centered, equity-based, all-ages, community venue is both the common ground we seek and the perfect space to gather, listen, and celebrate.


to building a compassionate and equitable society that understands the power of joy as a path to healing, theater as a path to reflection, and music as medicine.


a stellar reputation for attracting phenomenal talent, and our sold-out shows testify to our relevance in this community.

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We are committed to the intimacy of the WEAVE experience, however,

selling out our small venue does not cover our costs and does not guarantee our future. 


Traditional methods of fundraising perpetuate inequity. Season tickets, membership tiers, VIP status, and donation perks are all designed to reward only those with the most capital. 

With WEAVE’s cutting edge $5+1 Campaign everyone can be a donor, everyone can make an impact, and everyone can enjoy the benefits. 

​With Your Monthly $5 Donation, You Will:
  • advance economic and social justice in your own community

  • honor artists for their gifts with a passionate audience, good sound, & fair pay

  • forge a path on the cutting edge of equity-based, community-centered fundraising

  • enjoy top talent in your own backyard

  • grow and diversify your circle of friends

  • support an all-ages venue

  • take a stand for the arts after the devastating effects of the pandemic


To reach our goal of 500 donors in this first year,
we thought of one final win-win that will really help spread the word.

We are offering our $5 +1 Weavers a FREE "+1" TICKET! 

Invite a friend (who has yet to experience WEAVE) to 1 show of your choice at no cost to you and we will put their name on our guest list!


Great venue!  It was so nice getting to bring my son and his friend and to see other children there enjoying the music.  Beautiful event and a great way to get young and old together, all backgrounds, for the love of live music!

- Sommer S

Your all ages policy is wonderful! - Kate G.

trio pdf 1.png

So much fun. I haven't danced like that since…More please, and more often.  - Peter V

As a Brazilian, I have to tell you all!!! The only thing that was missed was the dust in our feet.I could not believe that we were so far way from our hometown, but Bainbridge Island residents prove the music is universal.

- Sandra R

Adama Final Flyer.png

Enthralling live jazz, massive talent on a small island stage in a cushioned, moody, casual concert hall… talent that rivaled the best jazz I’ve seen in NYC, Paris or London. – Amy D.

Absolutely transformative performance. 

- Holly EW

That was one of the best times I've had on this island in the 9 years that I've lived here!! I'm so extremely happy to find this jewel in our community.

– Shelly K.

I would take that experience any day over a concert at a big Seattle venue.  - A.B.

Help us sustain an artist-centered, all-ages, equity-based community venue right here on Bainbridge Island.

Thank you!
WEAVE is a nonprofit 501c3 organization.
All donations, stock gifts & corporate sponsorships are tax-deductible.

Tax ID: 84-3269406

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