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Based out of Rolling Bay Hall on Bainbridge Island, within the aboriginal territory of the “People of Clear Salt Water” [Suquamish People], WEAVE Presents is a nonprofit performing arts organization that hosts world-class musicians, showcases our local arts community, and invites audiences to acknowledge and celebrate the multi-racial, multi-ethnic roots of American culture.




WEAVE collaborates with artists and nonprofits who resonate with our mission. We support non-mainstream cutting-edge productions & artists by offering them an all-ages venue, high quality bar service, supplemental marketing channels, and access to our growing fan base. We host fundraisers for nonprofits and performances for artists #weavecollaborates


WEAVE fosters connection by creating an intimate, welcoming, and cozy ambiance. In contrast to our high-tech, touch-screen world, we are committed to gathering often around intentional programming in an inclusive environment to strengthen friendships, facilitate new bonds, and build community.  #weaveconnects


We believe that the performing arts are the perfect vehicle to ignite curiosity.  To mitigate ignorance, fear, and judgment that naturally arises in less diverse communities due to the lack of exposure to a variety of cultures and ethnicities,  we curate our programming to center multi-ethnic and multi-cultural voices. #curiositynotjudgment.



We serve 400-600 Bainbridge Island residents per month at our all ages venue!

  • An all-ages & family-friendly live venue

  • Low cost tickets

  • Music education 

  • Multi-cultural performances

  • Local access to world-class artists

  • A stage for under-represented voices

  • Cutting-edge theater

  • Dance and lounge parties 

  • Opportunities to gather in community

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