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Weavers share an ethos that puts relationship over self.
-David Brooks, A Nation of Weavers
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You understand that time is gold. And you enjoy sharing it with the people who value it just like you do. You have decided we are worthy and you are willing to gift us the most precious gift, the gift of time. We have so many ways you can volunteer. Please reach out and let us know you'd like to help. 


You love people. Connecting with others is your favorite activity. You like to network and you're a huge fan of WEAVE. We need your help spreading the word. Refer your friends to this page, bring them to our shows, or connect them with us via email. Help us grow our audience and our donation base. 


You are a collector of knowledge and beauty. What synchronicity! You happen to have the expertise we need or things we could use. Your support saves us the money it would cost to buy these goods or services with our small operating budget. Your valued expertise will support us in achieving our goals. Visit our wishlist so you know what we're looking for and let us know if you can help. 

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You like ritual. You honor cycles. You think long term. You might not have extra time on your hands but you love everything we do and you want to make sure we stay around for years to come. You understand the importance of building a sustainable organization and you know that monthly recurring donations are our bread and butter. Join our  $5+1 Community Campaign.


Your idea of fun is making other people’s dreams come true. You understand that this organization cannot run without community support. As a major donor, you can help us pay fair wages to our artists and our hardworking staff; continue to make ticket prices accessible; and book more high quality acts right here on Bainbridge Island! Make a one time tax-deductible donation, IRA contribution, stock gift or simply mail a check directly to us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

More ways to contribute...


One of our donors found out that there is one day a year when her employer offers a double match! So she planned her annual donation for that day, and it tripled her contribution! Some corporations offer financial matches for hours volunteered! Before you donate, check your employer’s matching gift program, you might be surprised! #matchesarethebest

Stocks are gifts too! One Call for All can accept gifts of stock and other assets on our behalf.  Click here to get a charitable deduction for your gift of stock. 


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Thank you SO MUCH for your generous contribution,
for resonating with our mission, our vision, and for living your values as a true WEAVER. We could not do this without you.

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